Thursday, February 12, 2015

All eyes on India !

The Delhi assembly election is over, Arvind Kejriwal led AAP has got a landslide victory and broomed out BJP securing 67 seats out of 70! Perhaps he will take oath on Feb 14...that will again become the history and he will be CM of Delhi ....! plz someone talk about World Cup 2015 now !!!

When the clock struck 5PM at the Adelaide Oval, Color, Dance and Songs have formally announced the beginning of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015.

There were claps, whistles, a few smiles and a lot of joy in the eyes of cricket fans who had made their way to the stadium to catch a glimpse of their favorite cricket stars.

14 teams, 49 matches, 14 different stadia across Australia and New Zealand and in the end we will get one world champion. We Indians are no different, every Indian who loves cricket is not just a fan of this game but fanatic when it comes to special occasion like world cup.

I remind the matches of 2007 world cup when as a student we had no TVs we use to listen tuning on ball by ball commentary on All India Radio and used to watch the matches standing for hours on street before a shop or even praying to the almighty God to bring light after a light cut during the match way back in 90's. This was the height of craziness.

The "I-N-D-I-A, I-N-D-I-A" chants will be heard the day-long @ Adelaide Oval where all is set to stage the big game between India and Pakistan on the 15th. There is a tournament to be won. And there is a cricket match to be won. The first must be the destination, the second the milestone you drive by.

As an Indian We hardly accept less than a win against Pakistan.This would not be first time when more than 1.25 billion people back here in India will keep all eyes on team India to do a miracle once again and defend the World Champion title.

The India team will be facing the arch-rival Pakistan in a High voltage match at Adelaide Oval, a venue that has been home for Team India for quite some time now.

Hundreds of thousands of people will watch this match again, there will be a packed house, don't know about the results but the fact is Pakistan has never ever won any match in world cup. But one thing is sure even according to cricket pandits India team is not among the top favorites but there will be an unseen burden of the cricket lovers on the shoulder of Indian Players.

South Africa, Australia, New zealand are the most favourite. Don't know why but the guts feeling is saying that the chances of "Won't give it back and chalo phir se dekhein wahi sapna" are looking slim. After a lack luster preparation and winless down under aussies tour ( If i am right Team India has last won an ODI match way back in November 2014 at Ranchi) , only this week against Afghanistan did they finally manage to win a match. The Body language of team India is portraying a different picture.

Tired, too long away from home and the loved ones, lack of form and fitness, injuries, no right opening combination, Dhoni still in doubt on a perfect playing eleven and the right batting and bowling combination are forcing many ifs and buts in the minds of spectator like us. The team was still struggling to get 10 wickets even in a warm up match against Afghansitan. In recent past three years the team has lost the tempo winning away from home.
Wish May the team will do good demolishing all the ifs and buts and will do good in the tournament. As a cricket lover defeat is unacceptable and victory is a reason of joy.

Tears were rolling through my eyes when Ravi Shastri had said "Dhoni finishes in style and lifts the world cup after 28 years, the party begins in Mumbai" way back on April 02, 2011. Wish the team India will do the miracle again.

Good luck team India for ICC Cricket World Cup 2015. Bring the glory and pride of being world champion back home !!!
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