Thursday, October 13, 2011

Full stop on ghazal singing

If you would try hard to remind the name of ghazal singers the first name in your mind will pop up that is Jagjit Singh 1941-2011:Remarkable humility in how he approached his art and forthrightness in his beliefs set apart this singer who 'caressed' words.He was popular as "Jeet" for his kin but couldn't win the battle of life.

When i got the news of Jagjit Singh's brain hemorrhage kidding to my colleague i said that make special pages for him.2011 is witnessing the deaths of so many prominent personalities,may be that's why but this was really absurd when i got the shocking news of his demise.

Listening his ghazal was just finding the eternity the wordings,the utterances and the lively performance.

Everything was there if you would have as lucky to watch his live concert.Born in 1941 in Sriganganagar, Rajasthan,to Punjabi parents,he learnt music at the feet of Pandit Chhaganlal Sharma in the early years of his life, then under Ustad Jamaal Khan of the Sainia gharana. His grooming would eventually ensure that unlike other ghazal singers who attained popularity in the ‘80s only to fade away, Jagjit was not only able to ride a crest but guard against any trough.

I missed the live shows as well as a glimpse of him.people these days even live in 80 and 90s why the good people die early.This is the life and the truth about it.Ghazal has depth and its own meaning and expression.There is a very common notion that (Ghazal wahi sunta hai jike paas akal ahoti hai)the mean of saying so is one who ocuupies the deep understanding listens the ghazals and understand it.

A self portrait character for himself in the age when the identification of ghazals was to established there are not many more names to count on the fingure,Talat Mehmood, Noor Jehan and some more names but he gave a dizzy height to the ghazal in the Indian film industry and left the inspiration for the kid like Ranjeet Rajwada, a SA RE GA MA PA contestant who got the future of gazhal awarad for his extra-ordinary singing.

A voice which carved the ghazal singing will not be heard now.There is a complete void in this arena.people prefer to listen now Jazz,Discathics rap and bhangra not the ghazals.The sweet sound of Jagjit will remain in the hearts of millions but only to remember.This is really a great loss not only for the Music industry but also for the fans who loved him form the core of heart.

Being a music lover the words don't have the capability to express the feeling,love,sympathy and sorrow to loose such an eminent personality of the music industry.Now only his songs will be on the leaps in the isolation.

He is survived by his wife,Chitra Singh.


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