Thursday, November 11, 2010

Obama or Hubama

नितिन ,my seven year –old brother asked me Bhaiya who is Ubama or Hubama pronouncing Obama. Astonishing at his question for a few moment I replied He is the president of America, {a super power} don’t know you! Shuddering his shoulder he replied I only know Manmohan Singh not Obama.

Really his question is candid for such persons who have made Obama a Hubama .{A Obama of hype +hues} Media has left no stone unturned to advertise the American prez .as the real hero of his tour to India. When the Prime minister of our country goes to America it becomes a bottom or one column news for them. But when Mr. Obama comes here, from the costumes to sandals of Mitchell become a news package and takes most of the time of television as well as print media to focus on it.

India’s government also looks askance on Mr Obama’s wider Asian strategy. It fears the superpower relies too much on Pakistan for its operations in Afghanistan. Obama’s not touring to Pakistan is becoming a good news in the perception of Indian diplomats but helping hands as a package of a $2-billion keeps much worth in the interest of America. on an another hand it causes fear in the mind of Indian diplomats .

Is it only because they are the boss of the world or a giant economy of the world. Why not we? From the observation of last week it came to notice that Indian media had a lot of interest in the likings,disliking gesture and posture of the American president .

"ATITHI DEVO BHAVA" is the principle and culture of ours but even at this juncture of strategic relation between both the countries it shows the inferiority in us that even after globalizing ourselves throughout the world we tend to become the follower of the super power

The making sense of Media, Obama a hype is not the news. It shows that media also wants share in the stock markets of American company .which has just revived from the global economic melt down.

.With the sustained afford of Indian Media, Nitin & the children of his age would have come to know that who is Obama and what is his worth.

The message is loud and clear for the people of India that we are not developed and we shall have to rely on the theory of the boss is always is right.


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