Thursday, January 7, 2010


The words will have no importance for the agony caused by the attack done by Australian on Indian students. Criticism is not the ointment which will cure this disease. This is unhygienic. We love peace not the violence. What is the solution should be discussed . Due to an unhealthy reason and people are only making the word of criticism to the nature of Australians. Really this is a matter of shame that people are doing such type of activity regarding the issue of race or racial discrimination. This has been continually being done for last year . We can say only one thing that is this is the death of humanity .on one hand you are killing the students and on the other hand inviting by spreading the message with the help of media . people are living the life in fear and agony in the countries where this type of mischievous work is being done or provoked. When we try to make comparison in respect of India Australia will just be the single state of India even we can say that the population of one of state will be more than the entire country.

This is the biggest question that how can we tackle from this problem only the march past of the student throughout the lanes of Australia cannot do anything in favour of the Indian people ; who are living there or in the queue to send their children for further higher studies . We have a different thinking towards the people of other countries who are living in our country for earning their livelihood . Nothing can be gain said against the policy of the govt. Of India who are giving the preference to the all who are coming towards us and trying to forward the hand in the need of a help .people are today forgetting to live in the situation of conjugal hearth and harmony where the peace and the prosperity will come in any format of the life .

There is the limitation of every thing people are loosing the the patience and it may be possible that the result of silence will appear like a burst and the possibility of attack will slowly grow a day and the humanity will be on the verge of brink . slowly and steadily we are finding that the problem is growing from the days of nuke deal and it is not only growing the feet only to the political strength of the two countries but it is now appearing in the community which is bad for the health of both of these countries . the other countries are raising fingers not only on Australia but also on the Indian policy to tackle such problems. This is very candid that people are mow not in condition to watch out condition to see the things as it is happening .

The agony of people will appear in the form of attack and the lasting of relation with such countries who are following the path of racism and doing nothing in favour of humanity regarding this issue. As we are the victim we must think for the betterment for the sake of humanity which is losing the faith amongst the people who think that we can separate ourselves from such activities but the isolation of the human being is only the attack on the morality . we shall have to do something not as the citizen of this country but the preserver of this country . what happened to the humanity is a question mark to the whole human race in a bigger context . we are only in the stage where we have only the option t o do something better for the humanity .The whole humanity is in danger today because the group or the mass has only the power to provoke the thing in better way we can say only one thing that is the govt. Should try to do something better not only because the students of our country is involved but the real matter is lack of job due to the skilled and less money oriented laborious person can be hired who are working for the part time job and living a much sophisticated life than their counterpart .this is a tough task not only for the government but for those parents who wish Australia as the hub of higher studies . how this issue is going to be tackled is a matter of thinking to the mass .



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