Wednesday, August 19, 2009


This is not the first time that interrogation were being done for a long time and khan named person was being interrogated why media is making fuss after such a small thing this is just nothing but only the way to give a public stunt. It may be for the forthcoming film “MY NAME IS KHAN “ or it is destined to do so .king khan is not only an actor but also an indian he knows that what goes with an indian in America , If Abdul Kalam , the president of India has to go under interrogation , George Fernandez , a Christian in his govt. has to face these difficulties why media goes after such a small news.

This is nothing but only the way to lighten the person who is away from the media from a long time. It may be Amar Singh or SRK this becomes the first duty for a police man of the country that they do their duty honestly, what is in the question "from where you have got the money “ after the incident of 9\11 it has become a tough task for the govt. of America to overcome terrorism . this may be asked from anyone it is not possible that everyone will know you that you are the king khan or any one else . It is our Indianness that we get hurted. It happens as the daily routine of the life many of the person has to go under these circumstances but it does not become the news because they are the stupid common man .

If it happens with SRK or someone else with such background; it becomes a breaking news for the TV channels which on the day of independence even find himself with lack of news why SRK is also running after such a small incident is not known to all . This is a matter of shame that such incident happens with a star who is even recognized by the crowds at that time and being said for autograph . If srk is not hurted by the interrogation or the way the interrogation were being done why he is presenting himself for the media confrence .we should try to avoid such type of incident and focus on the news of suiciding of 5 farmers in our country. ouur indian ness has gone astray and there is an essential need to bring the changes .


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