Thursday, April 9, 2009


every one says that we are human being and we have a think tank , we can think better and do bettrer but this is only limited to the extent of saying . every thing is possible but how this possibilty will be brought to the earth where this human being are quarrreling to live a simple life or to survive. life is nothing but only the pool of contradiction where at every step we fight to take a breathe either we become the victor or we leave thae aspectation to live the life. as we are living the life in fear and igony and always think for changing, is it possible that the hate speech of varun or sri nivasan can bring a change? if yes there is no need to do struggle by being a politi cian we can preach the philosphy of changing the vote bank policy will enreach the status and it will be easy to make a reach to the mass with the help of spicy medium'' media,'' which now a days always live in search of this type of news . who is responsible for this demoncracy in our country , who will be blamed , or who is going to take response ............ there is no answer of this question if really this is really unanswered we rae really axing our feet. there is a need of solution which can be only occured when we really go in search of the solution . people in one school of thought is really in need of a canvass where they can do the painting of their needs it should be done in proper way when and where....... the marginal diffrence can do a lot for the entire society.
the other school of thought says that nothing is going to be the decision making every one will have to take step and to do something better for the entire society , one ideology can't bring the changing as we can't say that we can't live with the thought of Gandhi he is Even today relevant in this hectic and busy scheduled life we give the example of him to encourage the non violence, changing is not the work of a day it will come after a long span of time . but who will now lead the entire country as Gandhi and Nehru did in their lives, we talk about the youth and changing, the entire 65 % of the youth is after the money and are working in the call centre and BPO's what would be of the country which is of youth . in such a situation LEAD INDIA like programmes are doing an appreciable activity who can at least scatter a little amount of light on the mind of youth who are diverting from the path of destination . really we are following the foootstep of america in the run of techonology then we ca n also follow the policy of being a country of peace and prosperity nad it will only come when we will get rid of oneself ;;;;; "we the people of india " this policy will be really a pillar to make a building where we can reallly deliver the speech of peace and then the followers will surely be . these days we are doing only the thing which is in our favour but this the high time when we can think and will do better this moment comes only after the long gap of 5 years , so this is the perfect time and the perfect idea t o choose the who can really lead india not the one people , party , constituency, or the state . it is a matter of thinking people are free to think and to think much before doing a blunder which will cause the life of many innocent who have nothing to do with the religion cast or creed. the words only change their feelings and thinking so it is esential to prvoke the ideas and thinking to the real people to select a real people.


Nothing is permanent in this world is not only a saying but it has benn proved by the yong brigade indian team who has even proved that they can win not only in india but also abroad . the victory over NZ cricket team both in test and one day cricket is a candid example of it .everyting changes with the changing of time and it is happening with the tem india who is in coming few months wil be on the peak of cricket , by the hard affords of players and the leading captain dhoni this has become possible that indian taeam has succed to defeat thae NZ team afetr a gape of 41 years . this gape of year is really a long peiod to wait and to see the glorious moment . nothing can be gain said against the entire indian team except the second test match .they have played really outstanding cricket. now there is nedd of sustaining this procees of winning this can be only possible by the hartd coer discilpline and untitred afoords with complete discipline.even the legend of cricket richard hedlee said that i have seen playing sachin years ago and even today he is playing today the format of cricket has changed but the striveness for making runs in sachin hasn't changed , this shows the potential of a cricketer and the devotion of a cricketer towrds the game . in every format of game india has certainly changed himself according to the need of game , more or less the team now is playing like an entire unit. cricket is religion in india and there are many more reasons to celebrate to celebrate this win over NZ team,firstly the outstnding performance in chilly condition , this shows how quickly indian team has adoptedv to the condition and became friendly to the nature and circumsatance .the second it is a win after a long gap which can heel the wounds of the past palyers who could not win any series there. even in the crucial stage of the second test the 11 hour of batting by gautam gambhir outplaed the second wall of cricket for indian team. the speed and swing of zak really weaved a story that will be remembered for a long long time. the statement of dhoni'' we have set the benchmark'' can really boost up the players hoa re in tye queu and waiting to seek a path with I.P.L or any other format of the game . Really this is going to be such a nice plateform for the indian players who are in the queu. such a brilliant moment of the crcet must be celebrated wth a great enthusiasm but we must nort forget that the coming next tour of south africa for the coming ipl will be really crucil and benificiary.change is the law of nature and we have alsoseen some changes in indian team also they have lost both the T-20 games but after that they started to gain the the real colour of indian cricket for which it was only popular on the papers . now with the much proud we can say that we are winning day by day in our country and abroad both. every player in the game performed their own part and it was essential because there was need to stop the mouths who were provoking thier voices against the tem who is only brave on papers not on the foreign grounds .


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