Friday, April 15, 2011

A tell of two sisters ?

Two sisters who locked themselves in a flat for seven months is an issue of their mental toughness and disease but more than it, it tells a story of development ,globalization of the cities and distortions of the society also.Among the both one was in such a condition that she could not long lasted, just before the starting she took her last breathe.The condition of second one is also not much good she is in ICU.

Going without food doesn't only weaken the body but some part of the body even forgets to work.This is the ultimate reason that the elder sister Anuradha even after reaching the hospital could not survive.First of all the death of his father and than mother,the depression from the death of parents were enough to succumb both the girls one who textile Engineer and the other was accountant had stopped their daily doings.In living one their dog was the lone creature with whom they were related to. Their brother isolated himself doing the marriage and they were just by doing the phones used to get some thing as their meals and later on left it also.

Psychologist define their condition in terms of Chronic Psychosis or psychophrenia but the condition of physical and mental level are very small things.The real question is much bigger that is society, keen and kith in laws , brother and brother in laws, relatives and neighbour or the people of Resident welfare Associations where were these people or are. why they did not tried to know take care of both even the what abouts.

It is very obvious that the class of a people make themselves isolated from the the people who live in depression but why the kin prey themselves that they can not be cured.we are living such a life which come only in the form of two sisters of Noida or the three sister of Kalka ji in 2007. when society will wrap up in this fashion than the selfishness will surely reveal in this format.No one will try to interrupt in the personal lives.Bahal sister's father had died in the road accident and their brother could not really prove to take care after them.

These two talented sisters,competent in their fields brought up in such a worst condition that this is not only the matter to think for their families but also for the entire society.


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