Monday, November 15, 2010

Every child is special:

Every day is special in our country and for a special cause. Nov 14 is also among those. We commemorate every day in our own style and fashion. But keep ourselves aloof from the hard reality .Only by honoring some of the children for their excellence or bravery we can’t say that we have reached the milestone. “picture abhi baanki hai dost”.

The rules, regulations & acts are numerous in our constitution but these are merely on the papers to say or to watch. Nothing can be gain said against the achievement of the UPA-2 but there is an essential need of proper implementation of those rules and regulations. The UPA has credited itself with the implementation of RTE {Right to education} but most of the children are busy working as a child labour even @ this juncture of life.

Children aged 6 or 7 don’t have the sense to know that what is RTE. The world is becoming a global village but thinking of the aam aadmi in our country is not globalizing in accordance with the need of the time .

Now every single human will have to think in a better perspective for their own children. The paper work of the government is not benefiting the children who work with their mother or father earning their livelihoods. They always remain deprived from the facilities of getting educated.

On children’s day, they dare to think beyond their imagination. The trends have changed despite all the obstacles kids from poor families are determined to achieve their goals and end their parents’ hardship. They have wings to fly but Poverty , Malnutrition, Gender biasness are the ultimate limits which is holding the threads of their imaginative kites .

Every one knows that A "Children's Day", as an event, is celebrated on various days {as an International Children's Day on June 1 & a Universal Children's Day on November 20. in many places around the world, in particular to honor children. But the real honour would be given only when the childhood of every child would be safe.not working in the mills to eradicate their poverty but with the books enlightening their futures.


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