Thursday, August 27, 2009


The truth is hard and we have to face it. This is a shameful incident that in our so called Democratic country now the power of speech and expression is seeming to be banned. The reason may be anything. It is a matter of disgrace the book of jaswant singh has become the matter of controversy but the reality is on other side. who has studied the complete book even in two days, a few.... and said that he has alleged the policy of banning RSS by sardar patel . It is not candid. Is it self criticism or anything else, the party of intellectuals and ideologies has forgot the praising statement of lal krishna aadvani being given in pakistan .because it was for the sake of political benifit of party .
Now the Hanuman of party is not in the party .the party is talking about discipline and about the implementation of it .shashi tharoor criticised every Gandhian memeber in his book '' INDIA IN 20TH CENTURY'' .The party today has given him the prestigious post . In accordance with my opinion there are some political memebers who does not want to peep in the history or to analyse it .The person who worked consistantly for 30 years and outed in fragment of second by giving messge on the cell phone , Is it the way to maintain the dignity and prestige of the party . jinna even in the last stage of his life commited to NEHRU that he has made blunder by dividing pakistan . But it is being supressed there . The vision of this party is narrowing . The ban on the selling of this book in Gujarat is also a matter to think about .Arun shori has not been said anything even after speaking too much against the party .
what may be the reason behind it, is a question to all of us.the party members must follow the ideologies and principles .Beyond the boundary of this political ideology an ideology of expression has hurt the policy of the political party .The party has taken the decision and being criticised.Is it the way to strengthen the political background which has weakend in the last loksabha election. The common stupid man is not able to understand this political hurricane . The party is only trying to show the country love , nothing more than it .


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