Monday, August 1, 2011

Write off Dhoni now

Luck can not make you every time successful.sometimes there is an essential need of labour and chance to give a push at the ladder of success.Now this is the high time that Dhoni will be write off now.Many more brands to his credit a very successful captain, the People's choice award nominee for the ICC,Captain Cool and many more adjectives you can add but as a player he has been proving nothing but a leader.

Can you remember a knock from Dhoni which can be called a captain's knock in favour of the team.except one or two early span of his life one against Pakistan and other against Sri Lanka or may be the one in the final of the 2011 world cup.An athlete has to be consistent either tomorrow is not yours'.India have produced many more captains (Ganguly ,who changed the entire attitude of Indian team towards cricket, but now had no one to purchase in IPLs )and this is a country where the players are worshiped as the God and they can be eradicated even from the memory within the fragment of second.

Don't assume that this is being written as the harsh criticism on Dhoni by me only because he could not score in the last two tests against England.He has been being followed by me since he was not amongst runs either in the One dayers or in the Test cricket.Only the leading quality in you can not make you stir in the squad for too long .There are many names in the queue like Gauty and Virat who are ready to shoe in at the stage of leading.Even after not being very technically sound he achieved the consecutive successes as captain, there is no dearth of doubt in it.

The inconsistency since last one year,if you want to take a glimpse take this India-Eng series only a few runs to count for him.Australia reigned for the 15 years not only because their players were performing but also because Ricky Ponting (Punter) had performed consistently.The leading quality is not only with the gloves and with the adjustment of the players or the statement from the add (2007 का T-20 वर्ल्डकप टीम में कई अनुभवी गेंदबाज़,लेकिन मेरे जेहन में कुछ और ही था )may be he has been crossing through the lean phase but now this media and the so called cricket pandits are going to leave no stone unturned to make a mess of his poor performance and taking the silly decisions like bowling in the Lord's test.

The result of the Nottingham test is also expected another humiliating defeat.Now wait and watch for the Media prone Dhoni that how he is going to face these crunchy situations.I have written off Dhoni this time.


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