Wednesday, May 12, 2010


No television set No radio even after that doing the job for barely 8 to 10 hours when a general human being goes to the house think to see the cricket carnival . The difficulty raises from here on .It was 11 at the night. Standing at a hair dresser shop I was thinking to see the last night match. Not knowing the future status of our team gazed for a few minutes on the television sets scoring Gauty and Raina thought that will rise next morning with good news proved wrong.

Criticism and the praise are the part of our lives as it also must be the part of the player's lives because they are also the general human beings. we may be the king in our own home but the bouncy wickets and the ultimate pace of the bowlers become the cause of worry for us .

Now our all the expectation gone in hell with the pathetic performance of the young brigade of Dhoni & co. late night party and fun with cheer leaders cost heavy price on Indian team . The nation of one crore people's team be at the last position only because they attend clubs and late night parties during the IPL. How much hungrier and younger team the captain wants is beyond the imagination of the general people as he announced.

We can say only one thing that this is the high time for Indian team to award with allegation and the lacking of potential not to prove as the most t 20 practising nation. There is a very famous saying that “Hope is the cause of sorrow ”we hope much more than the inner strength and the capability of the young lads who are being paid in a huge amount for playing for their respective frenchiesy .

This is worth noticing that this is not the first time when the team has not qualified for the last four . Who is to take the responsibility of this defeat either BCCI or the AKKA of excessive revolutionary playing format (IPL). The playing passion of our team abroad always puts the question mark.


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