Saturday, April 25, 2009


The world is watching us. Now there is something about being conscious of being watched that makes us feel vulnerable .people are asking the question , which is a good thing .” that is what democracy is” democracy is a win on the hopes of millions of poor Indians who believe in his many promises on jobs , social security and health care. Even the western countries are looking after us over the election and writing many articles on this .The dance of democracy is really attracting every one to think and gossip.
India is really an amazing country where different religion culture and civilization reveal the one story of unity in diversity ; in true sense we are the one who becomes the matter of talk when one reads the history and the glory of our past , but these days we are some how diverting form our path of this unity in diversity . The present situation of our country towards dance of democracy is a matter of talk amongst the entire group of people. It may be the youth brigade or the elders who are in the vortex of thinking to make the govt. of their own ; really this is a matter on which every citizen will have to think and implement in accordance with the think tank . The definition of Indian politics is getting complicated as the days are passing of this loksabha election . even it is said that India is a country of youths ; sixty two percent of the youth are the part of our population. The storm of ‘‘change’’ we can ’’ started from America and now storming soundly in our country also. when we take a glimpse in our history we find that politics was a very pious word to rule on country or the state but now a days we find that this is becoming the worst kind of weapon to give the definition of rule and regulation ; it has limited itself only to the words of lexicon which is worthless to lead the people of state and country but so called democracy is becoming the means of baking the bread for the politicians who only runs after the wealth , he\she has not to do anything with the people who select them to rule to place conjugal hearth and harmony amongst the people of different cast, creed and religion. people are today isolating themselves to take part in this great festive of democracy because either they had been cheated with the foul mouthed promises or they think that it is not necessary to cast the vote to select a person fair or unfair. Indian politics is certainly in one school of thought has spreaded its feet beyond the boundary of society and social status. now it is said that this democracy has turned in democracy where people are living the lives in fear and agony of being killed one day in a bomb attack or in massacre .The democracy in another school of thought is a work where there is need of implementation the hate speech or the words willn’t bring the change ; either he may be varun Gandhi or D. srinivasan they can get only the sympathy of a fix class or community but in Indian context this not good for the habitat of this country . who have firm believe on the selected person form their constituency , the term change comes in our democracy after the gape of five years which is a long span of time to ……. wait and do some changes . we are habituated to do criticism but never think that the wastage of our country will be removed only by the unwearied afford of the entire society .
The word democracy is complete in itself to reveal the meaning which suits the people of India but the situation towards the game of greed and the policy making is completely going astray which needs the complete person having the quality to lead .
Now we can’t find a leader in our country because the quality of leading in our leaders is decreasing day by day. There is need of catalyst which can really make the reaction fast : so the statement will not bring the change to bring the change every one will have to take step against the evils .
Our country is the admixture of policy and politics where the general human being is also going to be very sincere towards their duties and it was seen just after the attack of 26\11. It was really shameful but was a tough task for the politicians who proclaim themselves as the protector of the country. Democracy doesn’t allow the home minister to reach the spot in different costumes, it shows lack of awareness towards the society , state and the country . we are in the need of solution which can be only be achieved by changing the process of thinking towards democracy.


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