Thursday, July 15, 2010

Football Fever of paul

The one month long festive of FIFA lasted with the forecasting of the "Paul" wining the spain the world cup first time in the history of Football world cup . The psychic octopus headed into well-deserved retirement Monday and will in future make children happy instead of footballers.

He is retiring and says thank you to the whole world. It was a great World Cup,where paul becam the international star and covered more space and time on the telivision than Kaka,Ballack,Via and any one else .

Now Paul will do what he does best, making children happy in his aquarium, as he had before the World Cup.

Paul became a global star when he accurately forecast all of Germany's seven World Cup games. And he then topped it all by also predicting Spain's win over the Netherlands in the final.

Paul made his famous predictions, which were in the end even televised live, by being offered a mussel each in two tanks, each with the flag of respective nation. The nation whose mussel he chose would win the match.

Politicians, players and coaches were as gripped by Paul-mania as the rest of the world, his forecasts proving a good distraction from the often dour football played in South Africa - and a huge PR stunt for Sea Life as well.

just fter finishing the world cup the pet shops of Delhi is also getting too many calls for a"paul "to be like pet in aquarium like fishes. but wild life is against it and the import of the octopus is illegal because it lies under endangered sea animal .


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