Thursday, April 21, 2011

Demolish this piracy

If your kith and kin would be in Navy or doing the job on Naval ship, you would certainly be worried.The span of one long year is too much for those who have been hoping that their loving ones will come back.The government will do something for the sake of their families.

Parents say that if my son would get selected in the Navy, I would not let him go to do the job the reason is not the adequate security of the life. Do the labour and if once you made hostages, the Govt is not keen to do any thing in favour of those who have been being kept as the hostages Somalian pirates are once again in the news the reason may be any thing

Somali pirates who took a multi-million dollar ransom for hijacked Indian freighter MT Asphalt Venture, have refused to release seven of the 15 Indian crew members held as hostages, in the first such step by sea-brigands.

Mumbai-based OMCI Ship Management, the owners of the ship, today clarified that all the crew members of the ill-fated vessel were Indians and seven of them were still being held.

Hopes rise for the families of seven Indian sailors, held hostage by pirates for the past one year.The Indian Navy has sent a naval warship to the Gulf of Aden near the Somali coast to secure their release and protect the hijacked vessel the MV Asphalt Venture from further attacks.

The decision to send the Navy was taken after the Somali pirates went back on their deal to free the hostages after the ransom was paid.

The step was taken even as delegates from the UN, Somalia and several west nations met in Dubai to discuss anti-piracy measures.

Calling for immediate global attention like the war in Libya or Afghanistan, political and industry, the leaders say they would do all possible to help in investigations.

The UNSC last week asked all countries to share any info they have on piracy.

A representative of the Somali government assured that his country will do all possible to tackle the issue, but also said that world powers needed to respond to the crisis like other issues.

"The world responds to other tragedies and to other crises immediately, directly, forcefully, as is currently evidenced in Libya and in Ivory Coast, to say nothing of Iraq and Afghanistan," said Mohammed Abdulahi Omar Asharq, Foreign Minister in Somalia's transitional government.

Let us hope for the best now it seems that there is a reason for smile to all those family members who have been waiting for so long to take a glimpse of their beloved.Now the Govt has also stepped in but the wait is not over for those who have been praying to the almighty for the safety of those.


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