Monday, December 24, 2012

Will miss you Sachin!

Being the die hard fan of Sachin the first sentence that comes in our mind after his retirement from ODIs is that flick would be missed; the delicately placed shot off the pads, the trademark straight-drive with the manufacturer’s logo so visible; the punch to cover; it will all be missed.It was an amazing night of April 2, 2011 when Sachin lived his dream as India won the World Cup after 28 years at the Wankhede Stadium.We will miss every run scored by you and every ball that you have faced to serve the Nation.

I could feel the tears in my eyes twice first when India lifted the world cup after the gap of 28 years and second when Sachin called it a day from ODIs.

yuvraj singh ‏@YUVSTRONG12

Yuvi considers him as GOD,there is no dearth of doubt that he is really god as Sachin not only inspired him in his lean phase but he won the world cup for this living legend.This remarks says much of it "In my heart and fellow indians! The pride of our country I salute to u for ur contribution to indian cricket @sachin_rt this has been retweeted 1501 times shows the love and affection that Sachin holds.  

Not a sudden decision:

He must be thinking for this day since long time,he must have talked with family and his friends.The decision to say good bye to one-day cricket was not sudden. For some time he had come to realise that the body was not listening to his brain. Fatigued legs and arms at the end of the day were clear indication to Sachin that he had to take the call. Test or one-day cricket, the choice was easy. He had valued Test cricket higher even though his recent form has meant a dent in his reputation.Sachin has conveyed a strong message to the world of cricket that Test cricket is still the best cricket.He would have retired from test why from ODIs.

Why not good bye on ground:

When you would have seen Sachin's retirement news either on TV or have heard it one question must have come through your mind why Sachin has not announced his retirement playing ODIs why living off the field.Sachin is great in test but greatest in ODIs and he will remain as same in the heart of millions of fans.I am still searching that what prompted this tough decision to quit ODIs?

Keen Observer:
Sachin was a great observer of the game either doing shadow practrices or seeing the wind blowing direction on the field are some important things that you must have witnessed during his palying game.He was a keen observer of the game and always thinks for the pride of country as he hanged his boot to prepare for 2015 world cup.

Experts say:

Sunil Gavaskar

Former India captain Sunil Gavaskar says consistent criticism might have played a part in influencing Sachin Tendulkar's decision to quit one-day cricket and it would have been fantastic had he gone after completing 50 ODI centuries.

Harsha Bhogle ‏@bhogleharsha
on such a sad day for india a man who gave more joy than anyone else says he has had enough of odi cricket.

Sachin you are legend and will remain as the legend either you play or not.The moments that you gave to the nation will always be in the bottom of the heart.One sentence that i will always say is we will miss you in number 10 blue jersey.

Virat Kohli

"Emotional moment to not see the person who inspired me to play for india not play one dayers anymore.hats off paaji.we all love you.respect"India batsman  via Twitter

Rahul Dravid

If you look at the statistics, his greatness becomes even more evident in the sheer volume of runs he has scored and the huge gap between him and the next batsman. To bat consistently at the top-order and the aggressive manner in which he did that is a staggering achievement."
Commentator and former India batsman


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