Friday, May 7, 2010

Is death sentence only a sentence ?

The judicial system of India has proved that the justice has not delayed . The death sentence awarded to the lone captured terrorist is a sigh of relief for the people who became the victim of this attack but with this relieving moment the question rises that will he be really be given the punishment or will be the next one to wait to hang till the death .Now we can say that( kanun ke haath sahi me lambe ho chuke hai ).

The no। of list may increase but it is the duty of the govt. to give an assurance to the people of the country that the accused will not be made the key to do politics .Now this is worth watching that what will be now as the next step of the govt. to maintain and sustain the mutual relationship between both the countries .As a lay man we only aspect that the accused should be punished who may it be: Kasab , Afzal, Pandher or anyone .

The victory sign shown by public prosecutor Ujjwal Nikam reveals that this is the victory of the common people । We imitate everything from the super power America , we are becoming the booming economy of the world but why our govt। fails in giving assurance that such incident will never happen instead stating that by the grace of almighty God in last few years nothing like this has happened in the country .this will be the victory of the common people that they will live freely without fear .
As the common people think “ this is not our victory to hang one terrorist to the death but the real victory lies in making the state free from all kind of fears either it is Naxalism, Terrorism or any ism which is harming the harmony and the cojugal hearth of the entire nation”.


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