Friday, April 17, 2009


The word and the mean are the two different aspects of one term but there is always a contradiction between meaning and usage . it may be a word but in real sense it has a vast meaning and broad canvass which has lack of people to understand and the changing of this world as the global village has really change the meaning of this word which is completely perfect to know the past , present and the future of a country ,state, society and even a person. But the present situation of the country is diversed in the vortex of words, which is leaning lke a pendulum which is not staying for a minute to take a breath of relief this is going to be very devastating for the person who doesn’t understand the real meaning of this word . exactly it is said that the word and the meaning has too much contradiction but in the present situation of political storm even ideologies have even been left on the bank of thoughts and inspiration, people only try to prove oneself better than others , and it has only become possible with the help of words which has really no worth where the policy of capitalism is dominantly being provoked to understand the think tank of govt. or the policy makers.
Nothing can be gain said against this beautiful thinking of the human being in which they are even forgetting the principle and policies of the great one’s who have made possible for us to survive in this free country . what has become with the thinking and even it is said that a youth can bring the changing what has happened to this entire unity of youth who is completly mad after the race of wealth even forgetting their existence. Is this the youth of our country who wants to go to the foreign countries because they prefer a bulky amount of money to them, the future is asking a question to every one who believes that oneness is the policy to live the the lives.
Where is the principle of Gandhi jee who has given the country to make a” swarajya ” it is less or more only limited to the books of this great thinker and the complete communicator who in the year 1909 has provoked the non acceptable theory to make the country for peace and prosperity. He was thinking of the country in which every one will feel free ship , no one will feel we are in the country which was left by the English one. The changing with the changing of time is true but this changing in real sense has changed the humour and the glory , we are on the verge of demolition , there is the need of perfection for every person to develop not only the thinking but the process of thinking , which has gone biased.
We can’t define the pillar which strengthen the base of humanity and it’s deeds but this is the situation that only raising questions against this rude thinking of the people and the way of thinking . is it essential that the politics has a vast canvass to inlarge the ideology or a person of bone and skelton will once arose his voice to the community. Really when we want to give the definition of ideology we can say that this is a complete set which reveals the past present and future of a country . without ideology we can’t know that where we have to go or what is our destination, how can we stand long or what will be our recognition, so this is very essential to know that what is the worth of ideology and how it is going to give us benefit if we try to take a glimpse in our past we find that this was the rarest weapon to fight against the reign of foreigners. As we are finding that the canvass of this ideology is increasing day by day .
With the perception change can be brought but with the words the change for the society will be only like the dream of night which will never come true . the problems are many more but there is an essential need of solution which is short listing in the amount, even in proverbs it is said that “ it is better to lit a candle than to curse the darkness’’ but in every aspect of life implementation is very essential the one thing that is very essential is that how we can bring the change in the society ; only by the unweired affords such things are possible it is only mandatory or more or less thesaurus may be the matter of contradiction which is in vain . these days we should only focus on the things which can mend this problem either it may be called a short cut we must develop the tendency to do better even in the difficult situation the words can’t bring the change, to do changes we shall have to forward ourselves in the storm of this democratic stage which is full of selfish actors and actress who only try to bake their bread . solution is in the pregnancy stage which will take time to be a newly born baby as a youth of this country we can think for the betterment by activating ourselves in the sea of difficulties .


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