Thursday, May 20, 2010


Whether operation green hunt actually exits or the diplomacy of the government insists is a matter of controversy . The war in chhatisgarh , Dantewada, Lalgadh or in any part of the country is only providing the story that how the Maoists are thinking ,planning and implementing their ideology and the work. The cycle of violence has been building on and on in sustainable way to raise various problems against the government .

This may be called the 1970's Bollywood route of taking the law in one's hand as we find that Maoists are diverting themselves from the path of their own ideology and working .The death of a Kanu Sanayaal is a candid example of it. If the emphasis of this exploration is on the Naxalite phenomenon it is not because other modes and forms of agitation are less important but only because the method of struggle chosen by Naxalite has brought the problem to a head .

In the latest incident , the primary target was probably the group of special police officers who were travelling on the roof of the bus. The bus full of civilian passengers witnessed the death of many innocent lives also.

This may be said that the direct harassment of poor through usurping their lands and forest rights is raising the ' worst called internal problem of the country as Naxalism ' in the words of our prime minister .The foul mouthed government's development reveals an another story of co relation of the development and the Naxalism can be segmented as followings .

High rate of SC or ST population
Low literacy;
High infant mortality
Low urbanization;
High forest cover ;
High share of agricultural Labour
Low per capita food grain production
Low road network penetration
Low Financial inclusion ;
High share of rural households without assets .

This is a development cum governance deficit

These are some of the problems which can be counted on the fingers but the problems which are really worsening the situation in those Naxal affected areas even witness the death of many lives who are innocent and has nothing to do either with the government or their policy for the eradication of Naxal or Naxalism .

As for the Maoist , they need to realise that this is not a war they can win .The government must act in sophisticated way to tackle with such a problem which is worsening day by day .Moderate attacks can never be the solution of this permanent problem .


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