Tuesday, May 11, 2010


There is an adjustment factor in international cricket with the top players who have been playing for the team . The removal of seniors by young lads must prove of much worth . Now the matter is that we are just on the brink to get out from the T-20 world cup. Only one hope is our team will have to register an emphatic win against Sri Lanka and the Mathematics can do a lot by acquiring a good NRR .

As we know that this is one day's one man and one inning game no one has played in such a fine flow which can even stable the side to be the part of this carnival . Are we able to be i9n the hunt the statement made by our skipper that we can't compare IPL and T-20 . Then why we say that we have been preparing ourselves for the forth coming games.

It is hard to believe that the too much T-20 playing nation gets such the difficult amount of pain to get an entry in the berth of semis. we as the spectator believe that our nation will improve day by day by plying too much cricket and will achieve the dizzy heights of the world cricket.


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