Friday, April 10, 2009


It is said that this entire owrld is the beautiful creation of God but today we find that this beautiful world has been black eyed by some one, wht has happened to this world is a question mark to every one either he may be the president or the primeminister of a country.He has to face probllem like the huge wall of china and will have to do every bit to get rid from this problem . as i think this is not a problem ; because a problem can be solved ...... but this is a problem which is not going to be solved any how ; the reason may be anything but there is need of solution for the sake of humanity bcause the innocence of humanity is going to be killed slowly and steadily. the narrow thinking fo human being is becoming the cause of the deaths of many more . this is really a worriable matter for the entire human being ; what would be the solution is not known but the proverb'' something is better than nothing'' is giving some amount of consolation to the people of swat valley or arabic countries. it is not the problem of one country every country is the part and partial of it either it may be the supr power america or the developing countries evey one is getting weaven in the threads of terror which has no short cut . really the mass is loosing the faith on their govt. or the king. the speech of Barrack obama and the affirmation of p. chidambram can't decrease the worriness of the people there is an essential need to do a work out which wil go in favour of the society . now the present situation fo india is revealing the true picture of demoncracy evey political leader only is provoking the vote bank policy or only tries to cheat the so called fool people of the country who coming in the vortex of cast, creed or religion select the peson for five years and they only make the foul mouthed speeches at the time of their needs, which will be never be true as the dreams of the night . we can take example of pakistan also where nothing is relevant on the name of govt, regular bomb attacks is a candid example of it even the atttack on the sri lankan cricketer has proved more or lees that ther is no need to worry about the democracy which is proving himself impotent . the entire world is in the grip of this worriable problem . it is said that'' it is better ti lit a candle than to curse the darkness '' now the time has come to lit a candle which will make fear in the mind of whom who are proving themselves the enemy of this beautiful creation of god , really whenever we think about the present situation only onething comes in our mind that is will the peace and prosperity be the part of this world again . the peril condition demands the conjugation of the entire society as one unit to tackle this henious problem .


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