Saturday, May 8, 2010


Both India and the West Indies would be trying to get over a very disappointing Friday when they face each other on Sunda. It is easy to loose but tough to win in the condition where you start loosing . Dhoni's young brigade fail at the pace and bounce raised by the Australian pacers. Now it would be worth watching that how our team comes over the attacking pace of the Home Side.

The Indian batsmen were so free-flowing against South Africa in St। Lucia, but on a Barbados wicket with some bounce and nip, they were diffident and out of sorts. Now the possibility to enter in semifinals is in peril . Would it be possible to come out from the long two months exortion of IPL. It is important for West Indies to stay alive in this tournament because it will keep local interest alive.

The normalcy of playing cricket can reveal a good result । As a T-20 champion we need to be in the game and prove the outbursting of playing too much cricket in the format of IPL. Nothing can be gain said against the beauty of this format of the game where a day, a player, an an inning can make you enter in the hunt to be the world champ.

As an spectator we are hoping for the best today that our players must perform in well mannered way that may prove that we are in the hunt to be the part of Caribbean carnival .Last but not the least “patience is the key to the success” . Our players should try to do the things patiently not coming in aggression as they did against the Australian side.


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