Sunday, April 4, 2010


There is a very famous saying “slow and steady wins the race”. UPA -!! Is cruising on that way .The gnawing question is whether it will remain on paper or become a reality. Will right to education bring the revolution in the education system of our country? Free and compulsory education to all the children until they complete the age of 14 years .It is candid that the conscience of a six year old child can’t demand their rights. After getting independence we have spent 63 long years to reform and remodel the grim situation of the country.

We announce ourselves as one of the booming economy of the world so far only the economic development can’t bring out the people from poverty .The government will have to focus on one the reasons of exploitation that is lack of education. The poor child or their parents have no knowledge that one right has given to them.

In the development of humanity education plays an important role. This doesn’t only make good human beings but increases the productivity rate in the society. Surely this is a historical phenomenon in accordance with our constitution but the reality reveals another story. The new law has many critics. After thinking much one thing has come out to the mind that is “systemic reforms”. The state will have to play a major role to regulate RTE properly. Either it will be a great shame if the governments of this rising economy will fail to come up with what it takes to educate all children decently at the foundation level.

It wouldn’t be enough to approach free and compulsory education to all the children, especially for those who are left out for begging, or doing the work as child labour. This is one of the agonies which can be seen in every lane and corner of the country. There is an essential need for investment of huge resources and ground work. everyone has to see this not as a right but as a duty .Going by RTE norms at least a million teachers will need to be freshly recruited and trained .It is a grim in Hindi belt and the north east .

Whatever the govt. wants to do will have to do sudden and quickly. Wait for funds will raise the problems as MAAYAWATI has said “we have no money to regulate this rule. But we all have seen her money to wear garlands to show her political strength. Now this should be the ultimate goal for the govt. to provoke this right to all not only on the papers but also on the ground of education for all .


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