Thursday, May 26, 2011

Love at Public place

Traveling in the metro,going to a picnic spot in the summer vacation or trying to peep at the stairs of the metro station.You will find one thing at all these places that is love.Really you will be amazed to see the activity of the young couple arming each other and trying to reveal themselves as the brand ambassador of the love.

There is the possibility that you may be amazed or may not be but nothing can be gain said against the beauty of this love making style and the way they try to intent the things.This may be called their passion of making love.There is a very common saying that love happens at first sight .But now the Young generation with their so called adequate X-factor have moderated this saying,first fall in sight and then make love.

Who doesn't want to have a girlfriend,every one either the Hip Hoop generation of the metropolitan cities or the school going boy in the rural ares studying in class X.

The way of making the love for them starts with kiss and ends within the boundary of bed."This young generation has changed the concept and modernize not only the tales of Heer -Ranjha,Romeo-Juliet but finds themselves in the third world apart from the general people"said psychologist Dr. Anjali Ojha on asking about the change that has been slowly and steadily changing.

sorry to interrupt you in the way , I am not trying to make you understand the formula of making love or how to start the love.The trends of programmes like Love Guru on FM channels, reality TV shows like Big Boss ,X-factor,Dadagiri and many more have been working very emphatically as the schools to nurture this young generation to make them expert in this subject.

This young generation have forgotten the basic principles and traditions even the manners.They show themselves as they don't care to the world whatever others have been thinking about them.They make their own decisions by neglecting their parents either in their personal lives or for the academic.

They don't have the certain future to plan for,gluing to the mobile sets by cracking the SMS of coming and going also keep them busy as their day routine.They might be the good typist as they type on their latest gadgets.This has not happened abruptly .we the general viewers of this love making take a glimpse and forget.

Now the definition of Love and making love both have changed.It is not the love from the dramas of Shakespeare or the ancient fairy tales.It is up to you now that in which category you fall either the real ambassador of love or the lover who exposes the love at the public place.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Mandate has become mandatory

Fire crackers were being lit,people were crazy and on their toes when some of the states witnessed the whirlwind of change.The word “Mandate” has gone popular just with the result of Bihar Assembly Election,when the government of Nitish Kumar with JD(U)alliance got the adequate majority in the election.

Now the turn was for West Bengal and Assam in the east of the country,and Tamil Nadu,Kerala,and the Union Territory of Puducherry in the south.

There is a very common saying amongst the people that “some times the change comes as the charity” and this is proving to be worth watching that the common people are in full mood to see the change what may come.

Some of the people utter the result in WB as the freedom.For West Bengal,this was a watershed election, marking the end of the 34-year-rule of the Left Front headed by the Communist Party of India (Marxist.

It would be much earlier to predict that the history would be written or there is going to be a one night change.The states have got the pavements of the moderation and slowly and steadily the change would be seen.

In the context of the election results,nothing so becomes a victor as grace in success,and nothing makes victory seem so well deserved as courtesy towards the one who has lost.

The issues were different in this 2011 Assembly elections in four States and one Union Territory. You can either call it the X-factor of the personalities or the C-Quality of ruling since last 34 long years which certainly witnessed some changes.Even the congress had to admit during the election campaign that (WB) this is the worst governed state in accordance with Law & Order and progresses.

This is a season of celebration, and of lamentation. Elections have distributed success and failure, victory and defeat.This is not an hour for restraint.

Last but not the least we can say that the wind of change has blown up.with the change it will carry the momentum to be the best state.


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