Saturday, March 17, 2012

I am Sachin........

Cricket's most prolific batsman stressed on his human side through the media-interaction. “I am not God, I am a cricketer and I am Sachin.”

This may be too personal but I don't feel very happy when cricket is criticized,I find my love for cricket assaulted from all directions.We lost against Bangladesh,there is no denying in the fact this is really an astonishing part of the game.

Even after that It's an honour and privilege to say that we are the habitats of a country from where the God of cricket Sachin Tendulkar hails.Sometimes we switch off our TV sets,we become angry and say will never watch cricket now but again we were drawn to this game that is the beauty of this game.

The reason of love:

Finally Sachin got his 100th ton.It is a great milestone and no one else is going to get there, but we don't watch a game merely for a milestone. We watch sport for the joy of seeing great performances not to bother that the defeat is only due to reaching the milestone.As a human being this is my question that would you love to see the matches only for milestones.The answer would be an obvious no.

How humble he is:

The statement made by little master just after reaching the milestone was never leave chasing your dreams,it may come true.The rough phase of 369 days have raised many questions,the cricket pandits were suggesting Sachin to hang his boots.The person who has served the Nation since last 22 years will not take minutes to come@ this decision to say good bye to cricket.

Rubbish talk shows:

Now there will be no talk or debate show on the news channels,there would be no TRP games.Sachin will play with an ease now a much relieved man must be feeling himself in comfort zone.Of course as he said “Yes, I have to be honest. I am human and I have emotions so I was frustrated. It does play on your mind,” Tendulkar told reporters at the post-match press conference.This shows the humbleness of this man.

Sachin Tendulkar admitted that the intervening journey between his 99th and 100th international hundreds, was one of the toughest he has faced in his career.

Perhaps the person who really loves cricket and this legend will have no question to ask now ,this is my humble request to all the cricket lovers to keep mum on the rubbish question of retirement,let him enjoy the game as longer as he wants.


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