Sunday, September 25, 2011

"Controversially Yours" is a controversy

Never far from controversy in his playing days, Shoaib Akhtar has kicked up quite a storm in India with his autobiography “Controversially Yours”, questioning the integrity of most players he came across.

He has picked this time a player who is regarded as the God not only in India but also abroad and an ultimate calssy player Rahul Dravid.Both of them don't keep place as the match winner for India or the finisher.This may be the matter of the debate but one thing is very candid that Sachin has never ever played cricket in fear.

The claims of "Rawalpindi Express” over Tendulkar seems just like the santa Banta joke, by listening which you can have laugh for a moment.There is no dearth of doubt that in cricket either the batsman hit or the bowlers strike taking wickets.The Book released by Akhtar is just to gain the publicity as his career has also been marred by the controversy.

Even the local media treat him like the sacred cow, completely untouchable. With his harsh views of statistically the greatest batsman ever, Shoaib has clearly touched a raw nerve in India.

Probably this is what Shoaib, and his publishers, intended to achieve. After such a tumultuous release, they would be surprised if the copies of the book do not fly off shelves across India.It does not take an expert to tell us that much of the vitriol in Shoaib’s autobiography “Controversially Yours” is adulterated.

In fact, it’s more marketing than malice.In this interview to CNN-IBN, Shoaib does a U-turn as spectacular as his albatross-like celebration after taking a wicket.“…he is the greatest among all of them. World cricket needs to be thankful to Sachin Tendulkar… Cricket needs to be thankful to great Sachin to have played this game,” Shoaib says.

There seems a method in it.

Australian Adam Gilchrist tried something similar in his 2008 autobiography “True Colours”.Gilchrist questioned Tendulkar’s integrity in the “Monkeygate” affair, prompting many Indians to order a copy of the book before he called the Indian cricketer to clarify the comments.
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