Friday, June 24, 2011

The wall still stands tall

I don't have a Telivison set,used to watch cricket scores on ,it was 12:45 Pm, Rahul Dravid was playing on 93 .I thought will Amit Mishra do a fvour to him to reach another ton.By refreshing the score boards for completely 15 minutes i got that the wall has got another century to his credit which later on proved a 63 run win over WI.He is the lone centurian who has scored a ton and India ended on the loosing side only once in his 32 tons.

Rahul once was in trouble not for making runs early this year in the test matches concluded in South Africa ,the debate was in the air that he must take his retirement with dignity but once again he proved that why he has been rewarded as "The Wall "or "Mr. Dependable" like adjectives. Dravid's passion and eagerness towards cricket haven't changed in the last decade and a half. He is still intense, patient, and willing to work hard to prepare for each and every game .

Remember just three days ago he landed in Kingston(Jamaica) before the match and did the batting for the complete 500 minutes . At the age of 39 the fitness that speaks itself,the greet for the runs and the devotion towards game is the key factors for which the world salutes him. The wall has many more bricks in his lexicon to make the foundation for the youngsters of India who has just stepped up in the cricket .Hey buddy learn form this guy and pour out your best for the team whenever you get the chance.That is the spirit Rahul still is having with.Abhinav Mukund ,Virat and Murali vijay must learn from this legend.

When in the early span of my life i watched this cool headed batsman playing this shots,wondered that he has the complete maturity that should be in a batsman for playing too long. 15 years have passed since than and i don't find any changes in his style and the Atheletic attitude.Can you remind that when have you heard that Rahul has been not selected in the squad due to his fitness.Not much has changed since then. He is still as intense as ever. He has not too many advertising brands to his credits except Kingfisher jingles.

The criticisers who had advised directly or indirectly to take a U-turn from the test career will now be kept mum .As it turns out, the way he knew best has so far brought him 12,215 runs in Test cricket, and the number tends to seal most debates.Thanks to the trio Sachin,Rahul and Laxman who have brought the dignity to Indian cricket.The youngsters should try to learn from these legends by expending most of the time by making a healthy conversation.

I can't predict that how long Rahul is going to play for India.but one thing i can assure that whenever he will play we would love to watch him .
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